Corsage Clasp for Fur Stole, Shawl or Prayer Book

The corsage clasp is a clever device for easily attaching a corsage to a narrow fur stole or neck piece or shawl without injuring the fur with corsage pins. It is a simple bracelet-like clasp of covered wire to which an orchid or other corsage can be fastened. The fur is gathered or folded together at the desired place of attachment and the ends of the wire clasp are hooked together on the back to hold the flowers firmly in place. The same clasp idea is excellent for fastening flowers on the wrist, forearm, upper arm, ankle or even the neck. Vary the gauge of wire and size of loops according to the weight of the flowers and where they are to be worn.

Assembly Instructions

  1. Use No. 22 medium wire and wrap it smoothly but rather heavily with Floratape® stem wrap to create a foundation for an outer wrapping of good quality heavy ribbon. Choose a color that harmonizes with the flowers or a metallic gold or silver that can simulate jewelry. Consider rich velvet ribbon for lovely hybrid Orchids worn on fur. If your ribbon is not entirely opaque, use dark Floratape® stem wrap under dark ribbon or white Floratape® stem wrap under light-colored ribbon. The wire is looped and shaped so that one loop forms a hook that can be hooked into the other loop.
  2. This same type of clasp is wonderful for fastening a corsage or small bouquet on a bridal prayer book or Bible. Using the same size or heavier wire, form loops large enough to encircle the book. Cover the loops heavily with Floratape® stem wrap and white ribbon, preferably velvet.
  3. If the book is to be used in the service, the clasp should be hooked loosely so that the book can be removed at the proper time in the ceremony.

FDP-34 | Written by William Kistler, American Floral Art School, Chicago