The Multiple Corsage

The multiple corsage is versatile and appropriate for evening wear because it looks formal. It can be pinned in various places and positions and is as attractive at the neckline of a dinner dress, pinned on a cloth evening bag or worn in the hair.
Carnations are a good choice for this design; for less weight, feather the blooms. The term feathering means separating Carnations, Mums, Dahlias and other similar flowers into florets.

Assembly Instructions

  1. To feather a Carnation, first strip off the sepals. Then take a small group of the petals and wire them into florets using a No. 26 or No. 28 gauge wire. For larger florets, group more petals together.
  2. To make sure petals will remain in place, consider wrapping a piece of Floratape ® stem wrap around the base of the petals. Wire should be wound around and over the Floratape ® stem wrap and then the wire can be taped again.
  3. Using a No. 30 wire for binding, start with the smallest florets for the lead flowers and place the stems together so that the flowers face in opposite directions, extending inward or outward for the desired length of the completed corsage or hairpiece.
  4. Determine the center and bind the florets tightly. Let the stems trail until the last florets are added and then cut them off. Cover this center spot with Floratape ® stem wrap. Do not leave the stem ends on the corsage. Arrange the florets on the corsage upward and outward to get depth and height.

FDP-31 | Written by William Kistler, American Floral Art School, Chicago