Foliage Corsage Idea

Corsages composed entirely of foliage are often neglected, but the delightful blue-green colors of many foliage combinations make this a corsage that will harmonize and complement many fashions. Foliage corsages are personalized, original creations.

Assembly Instructions

  1. Select variegated Peperomia, Podocaspus and variegated Ivy and a rosette of variegated Peperomia along with a few Statice florets for this corsage. First choose five to seven twigs of various lengths of Podocarpus; none needs to be longer than four inches. Wire each sprig, using the lightest possible wire and then tape each wired twig with olive green Floratape ® stem wrap.
  2. Next prepare five to seven medium-size Ivy leaves using the pierce method and tape all the stems with olive green Floratape ® stem wrap.
  3. Approximately 12 variegated Peperomia leaves will be needed to create the center rosette effect. First pierce wire the leaves and tape them with Floratape ® stem wrap. Construct the rosette by starting with the small leaves in the center, saving the larger for the outer edge, keeping in mind the rosette should face forward.
  4. Place other prepared foliages around the rosette to form a triangular pattern. Remember, heavy and bulky stems should be eliminated and the individual leaves or tips of foliage should be given wire stems which are wrapped with appropriately color Floratape ® stem wrap. Foliage corsages last a long time and adapt to many different color outfits. Do not hesitate to try different types of foliage and three or four types generally produce a pleasing effect. Weedy effects sometimes result from using too many different varieties in one arrangement. Wired and taped looped Dracaena can also be added.

Overwrap a portion of the combined stems with a silk or satin ribbon to avoid the possibility that sticky Floratape ® stem wrap coating could be transferred to dress, suit, or gown materials. Generally the sticky coating does not adhere to most materials but it is always a good idea to find out the type of fabric to which the corsage will be attached.

Select blooms that have been hardened so they will last through the day without fading or turning color.

FDP-28 | Written by William Kistler, American Floral Art School, Chicago