Floral Valentines

Planning ahead is essential for Valentine's Day because romantic impulse floral buying is at its peak a day or two before this Feb. 14 holiday. Display an abundance of these frilly, lacy corsages. Also remember to stock elegant, simple and sweetheart type floral arrangements along with Valentine giftware.

Assembly Instructions

  1. The Valentine corsage is a cluster of Sweetheart Roses, surrounded with lace doily petals arranged in a triangular or heart-shaped fashion. First wire and tape the Sweetheart Roses.
  2. Then separate the scalloped edge of a lacy doily, fashioning each paper scallop carefully into the shape of a petal. Each scallop must be wired securely and taped with an appropriate color of Floratape ® stem wrap. These lace petals are used to give backing and support to fragile Rose florets, as well as to give it an attractive heart-shaped frame and appearance.
  3. Insert a complementary satin or velvet ribbon bow snuggly between the flower heads to complete this elegant but simple corsage.

The corsage also can be created arranging florets through the loops of the bow. In this case, the bow becomes the focal point for the corsage. Complete the corsage by adding lace petals and a finished stem.

Expert wiring and taping of flower heads requires considerable handling, so select reasonably hardy flowers that are fresh and previously hardened.

FDP-26 | Written by William Kistler, American Floral Art School, Chicago