Corsage Plate

A variety of flowers and foliage can be combined to create a lovely assortment of corsages.

Assembly Instructions

  1. Use variegated ribbon-like foliage to emphasize arrow-slim lines for corsages worn at the throat or shoulder. Thread leaves of Dracaena Sanderiana and Marble Pothos with fine wire that is twisted lightly for strength and wrapped with white-ivory and green Floratape ® stem wrap. Work leaves both ways and cluster Stephanotis in the center. Last, cut the wrapped stems short and arrange the flowers for balance.
  2. Sugar lump corsages feature Feathered Carnations supported with fine wire and overwrapped with Floratape ® stem wrap to match the petals. The Carnations are combined with Sweetheart Roses that are wired through the calyx. Sugar cubes made of styrofoam may be covered with cellophane or maline and placed onto wires. Hold the components together with light wire and Floratape ® stem wrap.
  3. Corsages worn at the waist or rear shoulder line are glamourous. To create one, first thread wire through Dracaena and Pandanus leaves for a foliage background. Next, string Stephanotis, Tuberoses, Hyacinth florets or Freesia on thread or plastic filament to form a cascade. Last, tape at intervals that will prevent blooms from slipping and cluster florets at the focal point.
  4. A Lily of the Valley corsage should be wired with the finest wire and taped with white-ivory or light green Floratape ® stem wrap to create a pointed line that resembles Dracaena leaves. Thread Ivy and Peperomia foliage with wire and tape them for protection and contrast. You may substitute nonperishable flowers.
  5. Create Fiesta Fun with bright flowers and variegated foliages by wrapping stems and wires with Floratape ® stem wrap in varied colors to match chosen flowers. Sections of Tritoma, Asters or Pompons with Sweetheart Roses and feathered Carnations can be wired lightly and the wires can be covered with yellow, red, pink or brown Floratape ® stem wrap. Wire Dracaena leaves and wrap them in two shades of green Floratape ® stem wrap. Finally, use taped stem ends as decorative accessories. Stems wrapped in brown, black and green create a tweedy effect.
  6. Delicately taped wire stems covered with white-ivory Floratape ® stem wrap give a custom look for bridal and formal wear corsages or prayer book clusters. Choose from Stephanotis, Lily of the Valley, creamy Cymbidiums and Dracaena Godseffiana in shades from ivory to white. Work flowers and leaves from both ends so that the corsage can be placed at almost any angle.
  7. A flower scepter fit is dramatic and easy to make. Individually wire and tape Double Cornflowers, Stephanotis, open Sweetheart Roses and Stick florets to create a nosegay cluster encircled with velvet leaves. A small dowel stick or plant stake can be used to create the wand by overwrapping the dowel covered with Floratape ® stem wrap with appropriate color satin or velvet ribbon. Spiral ribbon around the wand if desired and then tape the cluster to the scepter and even add a bow. This treatment is appropriate for weddings, proms and parties, too.

FDP-25 | Written by William Kistler, American Floral Art School, Chicago