Elegant Nosegay Corsages

A nosegay should be elegantly and expertly designed and constructed and contain no exposed or unnecessary wires or materials. Pay special attention to every detail of each floret. Floratape ® stem wrap can be used extensively to tape each wire to the very end, eliminating exposed wires.

Assembly Instructions

  1. The All-Foliage Nosegay Corsage is a unique beautiful piece. Create an interesting blend of green tones by combining Bells of Ireland, Echeveria, tips of Stock blossoms and green Carnation buds. Peperomia foliage, expertly wired and taped, forms a very interesting support and background and its flared stems, taped with light green Floratape ® stem wrap, become part of the overall design.
  2. The colorful Nosegay Corsage is well-designed and lightweight and has excellent balance and a graceful line. This corsage can be worn as a shoulder or waist corsage or as a clutch bag accessory. The components are the Bachelor Button and the Tuberose and the corsage is accented with black and gold looped tubing. (Use Floratape ® stem wrap to prevent the tube ribbon from spiraling loose). Complete the design with two tailored drops of Bachelor Buttons and Camellia foliage backing with the looped tubing. Use blue Floratape ® stem wrap to achieve the desired effects.
  3. The Sweetheart Rose Chatelaine is full of charm and can be worn with formal wear, for a debutante party or prom, or for a mother-daughter event. It consists of carefully arranged Pink Sweetheart Roses backed with individually wired and taped pieces of Huckleberry foliage. Use pink Floratape ® stem wrap to accent the beauty of the pink roses. A metallic jeweler chain joins the two principal components.
  4. The vogue Geranium Corsage features clusters of Red Geranium blossoms delicately wired and wrapped with foliage green Floratape ® stem wrap, backed with natural green Geranium leaves. Attach two natural bud stems of Geranium with a wire inserted full length. Do not tape them, but attach them in a cascade style. The central grouping is backed with natural green Geranium foliage appropriately wired and taped.
  5. The all-white Formal Corsage is appropriate for a formal or black-tie affair. The components are all-white Stock florets, Stock buds, loops of satin wrapped wire, white velvet and small trimmed lemon leaves. Each floret is wired separately and wrapped in the luxurious mint-ivory shade of Floratape ® stem wrap. The Stock buds are also wired and taped with the same color Floratape ® stem wrap. Small lemon leaves trimmed in a circular fashion form a very artistic design. The entire nosegay is edged with loops of white satin covered wire that has previously been wrapped with Floratape ® stem wrap. The white velvet bow snuggled underneath completes the elegance of the corsage. The mint-ivory Floratape ® stem wrap blends with the minty white of the florets and buds.
  6. The Fresh Nosegay is truly a prestige corsage. It consists of blue Delphiniums, white Candytuft, feathered purple pink Sweetheart Roses, red Garnet Roses, yellow and bronze Pompon buds, pink Corn Flowers, elegance Carnations and feathered and lavender feathered Fugi Mums. All florets are taped with orchid color Floratape ® stem wrap and each floret is professionally wired and expertly taped and assembled. The stem arrangement is in a natural style. Ligustrum foliage is wired and wrapped with Floratape ® stem wrap to form an interesting backing. Precise wiring and taping is very important. Use the finest wire possible to keep this nosegay light and easy to wear.

FDP-24 | Written by William Kistler, American Floral Art School, Chicago