Cut Flower Stem Extensions

This idea of enhancing green plants with fresh flowers in water tube stem extensions wrapped with Floratape ® stem wrap is especially good for hospital gifts. These gifts provide much color for several days and the growing foliage lasts even longer.

Assembly Instructions

  1. Choice short-stemmed flowers such as Orchids and Rubrum Lilies can be used effectively for large cut flower arrangements if they are placed in simple wire extension stems made from glass Orchid tubes wrapped with Floratape ® stem wrap. Arrangements of such blooms are excellent for window displays and special gift orders.
  2. Give needed height to an arrangement of ordinary cut flowers by extending one or two of the stems in this way.
  3. Enhance many foliage plants or planted novelty containers by adding flowers inserted in these tubes of water on wire stems. Long-stemmed Anthuriums or other exotic blooms can be added to large cut-leaf Philodendron or other specimen plants for an impressive effect. Adding a few flowers can add much color and interest to even the simplest planter.

FDP-22 | Written by William Kistler, American Floral Art School, Chicago