The Rubrum Lily Corsage

Creating a well-tailored corsage with the Pink Rubrum Lily requires expert handling and the ability to carefully choose appropriate flowers. Three half-developed Rubrum Lillies are needed for this corsage. They should be at a stage in which the petals are flat rather than curved back. All pollen anthers should be removed before work begins on the corsage and the flowers should be well hardened by refrigeration and abundant water.

Assembly Instructions

  1. The first step is to remove all petals from two of the flowers and to remove every other petal from the third flower. With No. 26 wire on the stem of the third flower (the one with three petals) use the piercing method. Use pink Floratape ® stem wrap to wrap the wire and be careful not to twist the wire around the base of the petal.
  2. Wire the remaining 15 petals in the same way one wires a leaf (use the sew method). Use No. 30 wire and keep the wire stitch about one-quarter to one-half inch from the base of the petal. Overwrap wires with pink Floratape ® stem wrap, taping down the wire stem.
  3. Next, use the three-petal flower as a central stem and begin assembling the corsage. Position the flower face downward, not upward. Add five circles of petals, staggering the alignment of each additional circle and arranging each new circle of petals further and further from the center of the corsage so as to increase the size of the flower. To create a triangular design effect, extend three petals higher in the back and two petals at each lower right and lower left. The back view at this point of the process should resemble a wheel if you imagine the petals as spokes. Place all petal stems snugly under the center of the three-petal flower.
  4. Wire all stems together behind the center flower and bind the wired stems with Floratape ® stem wrap, which will securely hold all wires in their proper position. Next wire and tape three or four lemon leaves and place this foliage behind the corsage flower so the points extend slightly beyond the petal tips. Last, cut the taped wire stems at varying lengths and tape all stems together to form a single tapered stem. Several layers of Floratape ® stem wrap may be needed to create the proper proportion for the stem. Double-check the back of the corsage for exposed wires and to assure the back is flat enough to fasten and wear comfortably. To preserve the corsage, spray it with a clear floral spray material.

FDP-19 | Written by William Kistler, American Floral Art School, Chicago