Wiring and Preparing Stephanotis

Stephanotis blooms on a woody vine that belongs to the milkweed family. It is sometimes called Wax Flower. It is especially appropriate for bridal bouquets and corsages.

The technique described here for wiring Stephanotis is approved and accepted. This is a very simple technique and can be mastered quickly. It is not necessary to crisscross two wires by piercing the bottom of the flower and neither is it necessary to apply wet cotton to the hook of the wire.

Assembly Instructions

  1. Wind Floratape ® stem wrap around a 26 gauge wire that is 9 inches in length and 1/4 inch from the top. Stretch Floratape ® stem wrap, then roll or twist around the top of the wire about four to six turns.
  2. Form a hook at the top and bend wires wound with the Floratape ® stem wrap section completely together making a smooth round knob.
  3. Pull this down gently so that it fits perfectly inside the base of the flower.
  4. Do not overlap Floratape ® stem wrap at the base of the bloom, but begin taping exactly where the wire protrudes from the flower. Floratape ® stem wrap must fit tightly at the base and extend smoothly down the wire stem. Please note that the florist will have hundreds of wires wound with Floratape ® stem wrap and shaped in advance. For evening weddings, the pre-wrapped wires with knobs can be sprayed with any spray paint and dipped in glitter. For bridal bouquets requiring a touch of blue, spray with blue color and over-spray lightly with white to tone down.

FDP-14 | Written by William Kistler, American Floral Art School, Chicago