Ivy Strands

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Sturdy ivy vines and tips are often used in wedding bouquets by themselves as all-ivy bouquets or as foliage accents with choice flowers. Ivy is excellent foliage to enhance almost any beautiful flower. Variegated ivy is particularly choice. Tiny strands and tips of miniature ivy are lovely in smaller and daintier bouquets as well as in corsages.

The wiry stems of cut ivy tend to stay in the same still position in which they grew on the plant. If the curves or angles of the stems do not happen to fall into the desired lines of the bouquet, they make it ragged and rough in appearance.

Assembly Instructions

  1. The stiff or floppy branches of ivy can easily be made to stay in any position desired if a medium-size wire is wrapped around the lower part of the stem. Use green or brown wire wrapped neatly with Floratape® stem wrap (matching the natural stem as much as possible) and approximately one-half the length of the ivy branch.
  2. Wind the wire around the lower part of the ivy stem to give it a backbone; this can be placed in any position to give perfect control. Add a wire stem to the base of the ivy for a tied wedding bouquet or fasten it to a pick for a picked bouquet, covering the wire stem or the top of the pick with Floratape® stem wrap.

FDP-10 | Written by William Kistler, American Floral Art School, Chicago