Garland Hairdos

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A delicate strand of tiny flowers or decorative leaves is a practical and popular type of decoration for the hair. This hairdo is most versatile as it can be curved or shaped to adorn almost any type of coiffure.

The foundation or backbone of this garland effect is a No. 30 wire wound with Floratape® stem wrap with the wire ends looped back and twisted firmly to make eyelets. Bobby pins inserted through these eyelets at each end of the hair strand enable the wearer to fasten it securely in any position desired.

Assembly Instructions

  1. Give small flower heads (such as miniature Roses, Cornflowers, Daisies, Stephanotis, Hyacinths or tiny decorative leaves) short stems of No. 30 or No. 28 green enameled wire, and bind them securely onto a foundation wire with Floratape® stem wrap. To save time and make less bulk, do not tape the flower stems individually.
  2. Most of the flower stems are usually inserted in one direction with just a few reversed at the end to give smooth finish. Ribbon bows are not ordinarily used in hairdos although an airy bow of tricotine placed where the flower stems meet adds glamour if wanted.

    Keep the strand of flowers light and dainty. Be sure there are no protruding wire ends to catch in the hair. Provide the two bobby pins for the hairdo.

These flower strands are excellent for bridesmaids with hairdos designed to match bouquets or as decorative bands on hats. This same type of garland may be worn in many novel ways to edge a neckline corsage, as a circle on a bouffant skirt or even as a single thin, dainty shoulder strap for a strapless gown.

FDP-8 | Written by William Kistler, American Floral Art School, Chicago