Floral Trees

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Decorative trees made from heavy wires covered with brown or green Floratape® stem wrap and adorned with fresh flowers make attractive centerpieces or display arrangements. Gardenias, Camellias, Roses or other choice flowers are easily attached to each little branch for a lovely effect.

Assembly Instructions

  1. To make a tree, start with the tiniest branches, combining them for the main branches and finally the trunk. For the branch tips, wrap Floratape® stem wrap around the ends of No. 20 wires and bind them into position to form natural appearing branches. Keep adding these little wire branches wound with Floratape® stem wrap to give the desired tree effect. Be sure to add plenty of heavy wires in the main branches and trunk to give enough strength. Build the tree in an irregular but balanced shape with gnarled limbs in the oriental style. The trunk may be generously padded with tissue paper or cotton to give a smoother shape before wrapping with Floratape® stem wrap.
  2. Fasten the tree securely onto a large wooden base which has a big spike driven at an angle to help support the trunk. Cover the wooden base smoothly with sheet moss to simulate grass growing under the tree.
  3. The small branch tips may be shaped into spirals to accommodate the stems of individual boutonnieres with pins attached. Guests will enjoy picking their flowers directly from the tree. This tree foundation made in whatever size desired may be loaned or rented out by the florist with the sale of the flowers to decorate it. It may be trimmed in many novel ways such as with coins wrapped in triacetin, miniature ribbon-tied diplomas for a graduation party or with other trinkets suitable to any occasion.

FDP-6 | Written by William Kistler, American Floral Art School, Chicago