Wrapping Stems Properly

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Correctly using Floratape® stem wrap and Parafilm® florist stem wrap on a stem will increase your speed and ease, especially in more advanced, delicate work. Beginners should learn from the start how to tape properly, as improper habits are often difficult to change.

Assembly Instructions

  1. Always place the end of the Floratape® wrap at the back of the stem or flower head to start. Then pull the tape forward toward you, rather than push it away. At the same time, the stem is rolled into the tape with the other hand. Stretch the tape in a long tight spiral wrap over the wire to completely cover it with a thin, smooth layer.
  2. Higher priced corsages warrant greater attention to details of construction. In cutting the ends of wires wound with Floratape® wrapped wires, always cut them off squarely to avoid needle-sharp points that may be dangerous. After cutting off the stems, some designers pull the end of the tape wrapping so that the cut end of each wire is covered completely and safely.
  3. When wrapping ribbon over heavy wire for uses such as numerals in an anniversary arrangement or the frame for a floral fan, first wrap the wires with Floratape® . The sticky tape helps hold the ribbon in place more securely. Often the wires need building out, which is easily done with several layers of tape. If the ribbon is thin, use dark Floratape® under dark ribbon or white Floratape® under light colored ribbon.

FDP-05 | Written by William Kistler, American Floral Art School, Chicago